Cat Number: MAB-94416
Conjugate: Unconjugated
Size: 100 UG
Clone: D4G40
Concentration: 1mg/ml
Host: Rb
Isotype: IgG
Immunogen: recombinant protein specific to theamino terminus of human NeuN protein.
Reactivity: Hu, Ms, Rt

WB: 1:1000, ICC, IF: 1:50, IHC: 1:400

Molecular Weight: 46-55 kDa
Purification: Purified

Neuronal nuclei (NeuN, Fox-3, RBFOX3) is a nuclear protein expressed in most post-mitotic neurons of the central and peripheral nervous systems. NeuN is not detected in Purkinje cells, sympathetic ganglion cells, Cajal-Retzius cells, INL retinal cells, inferior olivary, and dentate nucleus neurons (1). This neuronal protein was originally identified by immunoreactivity with a monoclonal antibody also called NeuN. Using MS-analysis, NeuN was later identified as the Fox-3 gene product. Fox-3 contains an RNA recognition motif and functions as a splicing regulator (2). Fox-3 regulates alternative splicing of NumB, promoting neuronal differentiation during development (3).

Form: Liquid
Storage: 4°C for short term and -20°C for longer term

Western blot analysis of cytosolic (cyt) and nuclear enriched
(nuc) fractions of whole brain lysates using rabbit pAb to FOX3/
NeuN N-terminal peptide, FOX3-nt, dilution 1:1,000 in green: [1]
protein molecular weight standard (red), [2] rat cyt, [3] rat nuc,
[4] mouse cyt, and [5] mouse nuc lysate.
Two bands of 46 and 48kDa correspond to the two alternate
transcripts of the FOX3/NeuN protein. Western blotting was
performed under non reducing conditions.


Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of mouse cerebellum using NeuN (D4G4O) Rabbit mAb
(green). Actin filaments were labeled with DyLight™ 554 Phalloidin (red). Blue pseudocolor = DRAQ5®4 (fluorescent DNA dye).


Immunohistochemical analysis of paraffin-embedded mouse
colon (myenteric plexus) using NeuN (D4G4O) Rabbit mAb.