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Westen Bolt
Cat. No Description Quantity Datasheet
IS0382 Nonfat Dry Milk Powder 500 gr.
IS-2502-100 PBS TABLETS (200ml/tablet) 100 tablets
IS-10051 Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail (2 Tubes, 100X) 2 tubes (1ml A + 1ml B)
IS-10022 Ponceau Red Staining Solution 1 liter
IS-2812 Protease Inhibitor Cocktails (100x ) (with EDTA) 5ml (5x1ML)
IS-2811 Protease Inhibitor Cocktails (100x) ( EDTA Free ) 5ml (5x1ML)
WB-RR-115 PVDF Membrane Roll (pore size 0.20 µm) Roll 3m x 30cm
WB-RR-116 PVDF Membrane Roll (pore size 0.45 µm) Roll 3m x 30cm
ISB-001 SDS-Page Sample loading buffer 5X 5 x 1 ml
ISS2000-100 Serum - Goat Serum 50ml
ISS2500-100 Serum - Rabbit Serum 50ml
ISBR-7301-10 TBS Buffer (5X) 5 liter 5 X 1 L
ISBR-003-5L TRIS GLYCLINE Running Buffer SDS - 10X (POWDER SACHET/ 1 liter) 5 sachets (1L/each)
WB-DEV-FIX-500 WB Developing and Fixing Kit 500ml
IS0381 WB Stripping Buffer 200 ml

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